EMC, Private Affair delivers time and time again, wetting the appetite of all the mature revellers that attend monthly and always looking forward to the next one. Beautiful venue coupled with London's 2 best sounds, Mello Bostic and The JB Crew perfect combination.” 

“The dress code has been mastered to a 'T'.  Everyone looks fab....”

“All I can say is... my last Fridays of the month are pre-booked for the next few years!  Oh yes roll on New Year's Eve....!!!!!”
“Ciao ciao!!” Marcia Lewis, Chique 


Sign guestbook

Novia Guiste May 30 2015
Pavilion, what can I say haven't seen you for a while, they say absence makes a heart grow fonder and I felt you tonight. Had a great time. EdgarCornel, keep on keeping on. Nice one
Ladybutterfly May 30 2015
Small Edgar your dance was wicked wicked wicked, what a fantastic fantastic night best dance in years ....
Maria Fraser Feb 02 2015
It was a wicked nite and I enjoyed the music x
Lorraine Lanahan Feb 02 2015
Wicked night x no turn around for me though I bought my own lol
Veronica Charles Feb 02 2015
Hi Edgar..yes I went with three people..we had a wicked time..it was my friends first time and she had a whale of a time..music, atmosphere, everything great..shes already told me she wants to go on the 27th..I've always enjoyed myself there and look forward to seeing you on 27th
Ladybutterfly Small Feb 01 2015
Brilliant brilliant night last night, I had a ball Edgar Cornelius.
Very well done to all the D.J's Senatorblessedb Vibesfm, Stein, Mello Bostica real nice party atmosphere
Senatorblessedb Vibesfm Feb 01 2015
Yes Edgar i had a wonderful time, thanks for having me, i was in my element playing with System & Mello Bostic and big respect to all who came... Hope you all had a great time....
Edgar cornelius Feb 01 2015
Private Affair Review
This was the first Private Affair for 2015 and the annual Singles Night Part 5, where couples were also invited. The singletons came out and BELIEVE ME, they partied hard. I came home with NO mystery man prizes, which gave me an indication of what took place during the half hour turn around session.
I’d like to big-up Mello Bostic, Stein from the System and South London’s Senator Blessed B. An Excellent selection of music was played last night, the entire Pavilion was wailing up from about 1:30 and at 4:25 with the lights on, it looked like people didn't want to leave.
I have a story which sums-up the night
A young lady arrived alone looking for her friend who was not found. The friend was probably locked-down
Tia Michaels Jan 13 2015
Well I had such a good time on Saturday at the Spain reunion I'm definitely coming to the singles night you never know
Charlene Wilson Jan 13 2015
I had a fantastic time (as always) and right on my doorstep too Lol!
Tia Michaels Jan 13 2015
Was a really good nite can't fault a thing venue was nice, good vibes,music and yummy food was a success see you end of month to celebrate my birthday properly
June Thomas Jan 12 2015
Had a fab time EMC, food was de.....lish!! Music was on point. Thanks for giving back in this way...bless you!!
Bobby regis Jan 12 2015
What a night! - excellent start for 2015.

Thanks for the invitation for the buffet, I was so caught up in the music that I forgot to go and help myself,
but Sylvana handed out some patties and chicken which went down a treat.

Aki Alalade Jan 12 2015
Good night Edgar Cornelius and thanks for giving back.well done sir.
Derrick Russian Jan 12 2015
Lovely nite edgar good music bless
Lorna Bernard Jan 12 2015
A great nite was had by us all. Good music,good food.
It was great seeing all the people from our great trip to Spain.
Thanks Emc. Much love and blessings x
Sonia Johnson Jan 12 2015
Had a really good night last night Edgar, thank you! X
mosty Jan 12 2015
Great night at Bojangles last night courtesy of EMC promotion and the Spain reunion party. Big up my D,J friends Roy Medallion and Daddy Anzi. Roy announced that he is going alchohol FREE for one month to raise funds for charity so the lucozade bottle is his, we know Roy likes a little tipple, so no cheating when no one is around Roy. Also dont tell us that Charity is the name of your pet cat.. Lool. Have a great Sunday peeps.
Sue Clark Jan 12 2015
More good times time last night. Popped into Edgar EMC thank you party at Bojangles where I met up with Sharon, Dawn and the other ladies. Very nice vibes and good sets played by Mosty Gee and Roy Medallion. Then onto a 70th birthday celebration for my friend T's mum. Heard some tunes there don't usually hear played out. Again nice crowd and vibes.
Jackie Rainford Jan 05 2015
Excellent Friday night as usual Ed,from the time we walked in it was swinging
Janet White Jan 05 2015
Edgar no bloody cake no bloody CD you owe me big time, however letting you know all of us had a wicked time. As always we will be there in 2015 as you are a perfect host. Thank you for giving us a place to come to every month. Big up all the EMC die hard raving crew.
Xandra Small Jan 05 2015
It was a great night again as expected, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, keep it up Edgar xx
Edgar cornelius Jan 05 2015
Last night at the PRIVATE AFFAIR was the hook we used both floors.
When I popped my head in downstairs around 12.45 people were already singing.
During the night I went upstairs and the whole place was on lock with a wicked vibes.
I hope everyone enjoyed the cake, CD and of course the goodie bags for the ladies
I ran out of Cd's because I forgot two boxes at home, which I will be giving away at EMC's GIVES IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE & SPAIN 2014 REUNION on Saturday 10th January 2015 at BOJANGLES
As we come to the end of the year I would like to say a big thank you to my wife Sylvana for her continued support from the beginning especially on the door.
Peter from
EMC Dec 16 2014
We at the Private Affair take great pride in what we do and try to make sure our events are value for money and our clients have the best time possible.
8th -15th November 2014 was the first time the brand THE PRIVATE AFFAIR went outer-national to Malaga Spain at the Club La Costa resort.
A lot of people were sceptical on whether to come or not - well the feedback I got was everybody told me that they had a wicked time. Although the CLC resort is massive most people cross paths at either breakfast, dinner or at each event.
There were slight problems with some rooms which were sorted asap.
We had 3 nights of partying
Monzbenw Theo Nov 04 2014
Monzbenw Theo Well...last night was off the hook! Still ain't found my Prince Charming though! ...lol.
June Thomas Nov 04 2014
Brilliant night Edgar, I had a Wickid time. To rave upstairs was nice although I would agree the sound quality needs to be improved.
Susan clark Nov 04 2014
Had a wicked time at Pavilion last night. Another packed night. Never been disappointed when i have been there.
Sorry for my late arrival Nicole Wright, Madge Byfield, Everald Byfield but I can see you were having a good time when I got there.
Patricia Wharton Sep 05 2014
Hey Edgar
What a fantastic night was had at the Down Memory
Lane Event. As always my favourite part of the night is the early Jazz session. I have to tell you the down the memory lane selection was off the hook.... When they played Mellow Mellow.... We'll that was it for me.

My sister attendedfor the first time... She is usually in bed by 10 well she managed to stay awake until 5 so a definate confirmation of a good night...

I just adore the welcome we get each time from the young lady at the door and your goodself of course...
Jenna Sep 03 2014
Edgar .. what a wonderful 50th Celebration night I had with my family and friends. Thank you for pulling out all the stops to make it happen and for all you have done , do and continue to do !! . God Bless you. Jenna.xx
Bob Sep 01 2014
Hi Edgar,

Had some positive feed back which I thought I will pass onto you.

- Friday night bash was one of the best nights at the Pavilion - looking forward to the next one.

-Dj's was on form.

- It's the only place you can guarantee meeting your old friends and ex-lovers which you have not seen in the past 20 years.

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