EMC, Private Affair delivers time and time again, wetting the appetite of all the mature revellers that attend monthly and always looking forward to the next one. Beautiful venue coupled with London's 2 best sounds, Mello Bostic and The JB Crew perfect combination.” 

“The dress code has been mastered to a 'T'.  Everyone looks fab....”

“All I can say is... my last Fridays of the month are pre-booked for the next few years!  Oh yes roll on New Year's Eve....!!!!!”
“Ciao ciao!!” Marcia Lewis, Chique 


Sign guestbook

Jacquie Vibes Dec 31 2015
Edgar on Saturday 26th Dec 2015 a Humble DJ on the bill raised the bar so high the other 2 DJ's had to come out of their box to keep up with him. It was the best night ever. Lets hope the New Year continues on that level or higher. Keep on doing what you're doing. See you in the New Year xx
Gloria Griffith Dec 29 2015
What a fantastic night one of ur best nights.congrats
Babycham Mowatt Dec 29 2015
It was a great night. Love the idea of the upstairs, it wasn't so congested. Nice vibes, nice people. A great way to end 2015 and open up 2016. Edgar keep it going, the day u started this was the best thing you could do in Entertainment for ladies and gents. Happy New Year EMC
Lady Lisa Dec 29 2015
Thanks for a lively evening Edgar .
the balance was just right
a very enjoyable evening Lady Lisa
carol Dec 29 2015
Hi Edgar wicked dance music was excellent thoroughly enjoyed myself .
Hope you have more rare groove meets revival
Tricia Dec 29 2015
Hi Edgar just to say thank you very much i had a lovely night ,even though i came to Spain I've never been to any of your London events .
the crowd was great ,good music & all the staff was lovely .
to top it off we all got a goodie bag when we left ,when we got home we eat our cake with a cup of tea.
My ladies all enjoyed themselves.
well organised & will def be coming back
Jemmer Dec 29 2015
Edgar thank you for organising a lovely evening Saturday we did enjoy ourselves
Arlene Dec 29 2015
Hi Edgar
thanks for your continuous well organised events.
your a great man well mannered full of respect to the public.
I have always admired your class and style.
will just keep whispering to you keep it up on the same level
AnnMaire Dec 29 2015
What a fantastic combination. Last night was what Pavilion is all about. Good music and good vibes. Raving at its best. Respect all the way to Santic Romantic, The System and last but not least, my favourites, Mello Bostic.

Thank you a thousand times EMC. A good night was had by all.
Paricia Brown Dec 29 2015
I'm still proud of you and what you do even though I haven't seen you for nearly a year. Keep it up Edgar! Soon, I promise ... Soon!
Colin Mitchell Dec 29 2015
Good Luck for 2016. Your new ideas sound refreshing. No excuses, please drop off a CD @ P's. Respectfully: Johnny 'No' Mates aka DigiCee
Althea Dixon Dec 29 2015
Boxing day night was FANTASTIC
Look forward to Future events in particular Black Tie Event Sat 12th March
Sonia German Dec 29 2015
Had a fantastic night music on point lovely people everyone singing proper party vibes well Edgar
Leathon Lacrette Dec 29 2015
Done it again Edgar Cornelius what a nice night good vibes good music and nice people,all about next month 2 floors of good music,upstairs strictly rare groove and soul,keep it up EMC promotion...
Leathon Lacrette Dec 29 2015

Emc promotion very good night,blessed Edgar Cornelius keep up with the hard work bro....
Karen Ranger Dec 29 2015
I had a great time as usual, on Saturday night at the Private Affair, the music was fantastic and the people were really enjoying themselves, everyone that I knew there looked well happy and relaxed, both floors were in full swing, if you wasn't there, you missed a brilliant night. Looking forward to another year of the Private Affair, plus EMC Gives back to the People on 16th Jan @ Funky Brownz whoop!! Keep up the good work Edgar Cornelius Mwah
Jean Nov 28 2015
Good Evening Edgar

I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday, we all had a wonderful evening. The music was great and all your guest were well mannered and respectable. The of honor was pleasantly surprised and also enjoyed their evening.
Thank you once again, truly appreciated
Charlene Wilson Sep 29 2015
Great night as always! Thanks for the birthday shout out Edgar Cornelius
Charmaine Morrison Sep 29 2015
Great night. Everything was on point
Ladybutterfly Small Sep 29 2015
Good p.m. to you Edgar Cornelius .. We all had a tremendous time last night at the private Affair dance ... Great music and vibes as always ... what a fantastic prize I received ... One that is need ... well done to Mello Bostic .. Lovers T and Desmond Velinor ... had me rocking all night ... Thank you for the cd ... and to you Edgar thank you !! xx
Deborah Chase Sep 29 2015
Thank you once again for a great night at the Pavilion. My friend had a great start to her bday. Keep doing what ya doing
Pauline Levy Jun 07 2015
Nice rave Edgar....Yes it was good....
Beverley-Sweet Smile Gage Jun 07 2015
Really enjoyed myself last night Edgar........Bless x
Charlene Wilson Jun 07 2015
Really enjoyed Friday thanks EMC for a great nigh
Debbie Morris Jun 07 2015
Had a really good night Friday music was good and the atmosphere was brilliant looking forward to the next one x
Don Karlos Jun 07 2015
Sending big up to Edgar Cornelius had a great night on friday, music was spot on , not forgetting the mini bus service just perfect from croydon, i'll look forward to the next dance if i can make it bless
Asiah Samuels-Baxter Jun 04 2015

Well well well, they do say 'No Pain No Gain'... and it is certainly true! My feet are absolutely killing me, but you know what, on this occasion it was certainly worth it! I felt like a dirty stopout arriving home after 6 am, and I am sure I heard the birds singing a Beres Hammond song, or maybe it was the affect of the brandy playing tricks on my ears lol.😀.... Thank you Private Affair EMC for a wonderful night. My friends and I had an awesome night with you all last night.Edgar Corneliuss thank you so much sweetie pie for just being you, your a true gentleman and friend, your hospitality is next to none, and your so darn funny. It was wonderful seeing you and gorgeous wife, her beautiful dancing greeting and smile set off my night.
Margaret Newman Jun 04 2015
We all had a great night Edgar thank u sir . Stay blessed .x
Black & Fabulous After 50 Jun 02 2015
Took a group to the event last Fri (29.5.15)and we had a wonderful time, lost count of how many people we danced with, we had a fabulous time and are looking forward to many enjoyable events with 'sophisticated people'....
Jenna Jun 02 2015
A big thank you to The Almighty, for you Edgar, your beautiful Queen, and all those who help and assist you! You have succeeded in creating another world which on entering is experienced immediately.The caliber of people,the dress code, the venue, and the feeling 'this is BIG PEOPLE BUSINESS' done properly,we are all transported back in time to the good ol' days but in modern time. Very ingenious. Above all, it's also how we are treated..With respect, and nothing is too much trouble when asked for. This is service first class. I came with two of my girlfriends and met some friends there..what can I say apart from we are still recovering! Wicked night as always!! It IS the ONLY place the last Friday of the month.Bless.xx
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